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The Langoliers

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Product Description:

ISBN: 9781982136055
Format: Paperback
Author: Stephen King 
Publisher: Scribner Book Company 
Published Date: 12 Nov 2019 


Stephen King's unforgettable novella--first included in his 1990, award-winning collection Four Past Midnight and made into a highly acclaimed miniseries--about a terrifying plane ride into a most unfriendly sky. On a cross-country, redeye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, ten passengers awaken in Bangor, Maine, to find that the crew and most of their fellow passengers have disappeared. The airport shows no signs of life. Yet they hear "radio static" in the distance. Craig Toomey, an irritable investment banker on the verge of a breakdown, believes it is "The Langoliers," monsters he was afraid of as a child who attack those who waste time. It's mystery author Bob Jenkins who first theorizes that they have flown through a time rip. Bob declares they have entered a place that forbids time travelers to observe or interfere with past events. It turns out that Craig is right, in a way. Two creatures, followed by hundreds more, emerge from the forest and head for the plane, consuming everything in their path. Can the survivors manage to fly the plane back to Los Angeles, back to the correct time, before The Langoliers succeed in their deadly mission to destroy the plane and the world? Dinah Bellman, the young blind girl whose aunt did not survive the time rip, has the greatest insight of all. A spine-tingling, propulsive novella, The Langoliers is a brilliant read from the masterful Stephen King.


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