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Mindworks Brain Training: Left-Brain Puzzles

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Product Description:

ISBN: 9781488935299
Format: Paperback
Author: Hinkler
Publisher: Hinkler
Published Date: 01 Jan 2005


Mindworks Brain Training: Left-brain Puzzles is an accessible, stimulating collection of brain-training exercises, designed by a team of experts specifically to train your left-brain mathematical, linguistic and deductive abilities. Left-brain thinking skills are vital to our everyday lives. Ever struggled to do shopping-trip maths, to weigh up the pros and cons of a difficult decision, or come up with the right words on the spot? These are all instances of left-brain skills that can be sharpened by this book.

This two-in-one compendium contains everything you need to hone these essential faculties. Each section focuses on improving a particular set of left-brain cognitive abilities. Deductive Puzzles will strengthen your lateral thinking prowess, your deductive and intuitive reasoning and your problem-solving skills; Numeric Puzzles will sharpen your core logic and pattern-recognition abilities, your arithmetic expertise and your general mathematic ability. This book includes over 250 full-colour puzzles, solutions with comprehensive explanation, and a graded difficulty-rating system

This book includes over 250 full-colour puzzles, solutions with comprehensive explanations and a graded difficulty-rating system.


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