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Product Description:

ISBN: 9781910684986
Format: Paperback
Author: Chris Oxlade 
Publisher: Hungry Tomato
Published Date: 11 Jul 2017 


Inside Battle Machines follows the development of machines used in war from ancient times to today s cutting-edge weaponry. The focus is on their workings, technology and role in tactics, along with their deployment in famous battles, and stories about the people who operated or piloted them. Submarines opens with the first military submarine, Turtle, deployed during the American Revolutionary War, and shows how submarines became part of war strategy for the first time in World War I, with the German U-boat campaign, and their huge role in World War II. Cutaway artworks display the heart of a U-boat and modern hunter-killer, with lots of detail on nuclear powered submarines, their technology, propulsion, controls and defence systems (torpedoes and missiles).

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